D.I.Y Kokopelli Is Here!

In the midst of fear and isolation, we are learning that profound, positive change is possible.

Disasters begin suddenly and never really end. The future will not, in crucial ways, be anything like the past, even the very recent past of two or three month ago.
We’ve been thinking what we can do in this situation and then we came up with “We’d like to make you smile and enjoy painting and dressing up with your original..the only KOKOPELLI in the world “
KOKOPELLI was believed to be a bearer of happiness.  We hope to take this opportunity to make it with your family and friends, or as a gift to your loved ones to bring you good luck and fortune. You can also write a message and use it as a message board!
Please share and show us the pictures of your original Kokopelli and Whoopee Skull!!
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